COVID-19 Reopening Information

REV180 Fitness will reopen May 18th at midnight



Even though we will be disinfecting and sanitizing as much as we possibly can, we have no way to guarantee our facility is free of COVID-19 (or any other disease, for that matter.) It is impossible for us to sanitize every surface every time it is touched or breathed on. 


To assist in keeping REV180 Fitness as safe as possible, members must adhere to the following guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic:


COVID-19 Guidelines:

  1. Only members are allowed in REV180 Fitness (unless signing up for a new membership.) Because of the current capacity and distancing restrictions we cannot allow children or other visitors inside the gym.

  2. Day Passes are only allowed during staffed hours. In the past, we have allowed visitors to workout with members during unstaffed hours with a signed day pass. During the COVID-19 restrictions, we can no longer allow this.

  3. Self-screen before entering REV180 Fitness. Self-screening criteria will be listed on the door. Do not enter if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

  4. Maintain at least 6 feet separation from other individuals not within the same household. In our small facility, this will require all members to be aware and courteous of each other.

  5. DISINFECT ALL EQUIPMENT AND SURFACES YOU TOUCH. Gym wipes will be readily available in multiple locations. Disinfect everything you touch (even if you are wearing gloves.) Consider using only one machine or piece of equipment at a time. If you are utilizing multiple pieces of equipment in a circuit, you must disinfect between every set if there is the possibility of someone using the equipment between your sets.

  6. Wash or disinfect hands upon entering REV180 Fitness. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk and in the locker rooms.

  7. If REV180 Fitness is crowded, come back at another time. Even though we will not have a problem exceeding the 25% occupancy guideline, REV180 Fitness is small. Too many people can make it nearly impossible to adhere to the 6 feet social distancing guidelines.

  8. Be understanding and courteous of other members during the pandemic. Do not criticize, belittle or make fun of anyone’s opinions, choice to wear or not wear protection, etc. At this time, stress and fear are high and opinions on the situation vary greatly. We must exercise tolerance and compassion.


We will be monitoring adherence to these guidelines during staffed & unstaffed hours. If a member does not follow the guidelines, REV180 Fitness management reserves the right to suspend or cancel his/her membership.

Membership Information:

Because we understand some may not feel comfortable coming back to the gym at this time, we will continue to allow suspensions and cancellations without penalty or limitations until further notice. 


If your membership is currently suspended and you would like to reactivate it on May 18th when we reopen, please reply to this email requesting reactivation.


We are amending all membership agreements to include a communicable disease section. Nothing is required on your part to accept the amendment. However, if you do not agree to the amendment, contact management immediately. You will be allowed to cancel your membership without penalty.


The membership agreement amendment is as follows:


Communicable Disease Risk and Prevention. Member agrees that entering and using REV180 Fitness’ facilities and equipment is done at the Member’s risk. Sanitation and disease prevention is the upmost priority at REV180 Fitness,. However, because of the nature of the gym atmosphere, it is impossible for REV180 staff to clean and sanitize every surface every time it is touched or breathed on. To assist in disease spread and prevention, Member agrees to doing the following:

  1. Do not enter REV180 Fitness facilities if you are running fever or suspect you might have a contagious illness.

  2. Abide by all health and safety guidelines posted at REV180 Fitness.

  3. Disinfect all equipment and surfaces before and after use. This includes exercises machines, weights, mats, bands, jump ropes, benches, door handles and any other surface member touches.

As frustrating as these rules and guidelines may be, please understand that adherence to them is critical to the everyone’s safety. 


In addition, if not followed, REV180 Fitness could be forced to close again. 

Thank you for your patience and support!

Jay & Janet Cole

REV180 Fitness Owners


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