Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

Did You Know...

  • When our bodies are injured or traumatized, in order to keep moving through daily activities, our brain reorganizes our movement patterns.

  • If one muscle in a movement fails to do its job, the brain finds another muscle to do the job.

  • The muscle that jumps in to help can often become painful because it’s doing its job AND the job of another.

NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) is an advanced therapeutic system that can help your body heal by teaching it to unlearn movements and muscle functions it’s become attached to.
People of all ages may benefit from Neurokinetic Therapy.
It can help reduce tension and pain associated with overworked
muscles. Joint pain and/or muscle pain may be reduced or
eliminated by enabling muscles to activate properly resulting in better joint positioning. People with recurring headaches, poor posture, and balance issues have also seen benefits. Athletes may turn to NKT to aid with correcting poor form, inefficiency, and improving performance.
Can NKT Help Me?
What is NKT?
How Does NKT Work?
Neurokinetic Therapy is all about hands-on muscle testing, which allows us to quickly diagnose the causes of your overcompensations. We test your body’s reactions to different movements, stances, and pressure. Once we determine overactive & under-active muscles, we’ll use muscle testing again to remind your brain how to do a movement using the correct muscles. Then we’ll send you home with some self-care exercises to make sure it doesn’t forget!
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